Kevin the Koala

link shortening done right


Why is a simple, free, powerful link shortener. It was built out of a discontent with existing options—some required accounts for more powerful features, while others featured unappealing designs and were unpleasant to use. solves these problems, making it a great, go-to solution for link shortening. We don't put any features behind a pay wall. is open source. That means it's easy for others to improve If you have a suggestion, head over to our GitHub page and let us know! It’s also easy for developers to use due to our developer libraries and API, making better for everyone. is useful. Our service provides an easy way to view statistics for all of our links for free. We also provide a mobile app and chatbots so that you can easily create links on the go, and we have powerful options for customizing links and making them your own. You can see statistics for a link by including an @ in the short link, like

So why not?! on the Go for Developers